What is Lean Coffee?

#LeanCoffee is a #Kanban game you can do in your leisure time.

28. July 2014

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How the UX is different from UI

The UX and UI are pretty much similar to the Chicken and the Egg scenario. Just watch it!

01. April 2014

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GitFlows for Git-holics

23. June 2013

Git is quite a different mindset compared to alternatives such as VSS, TFS, or SVN. The recommended approach to learn the basics is by unlearning about those alternatives.

And then comes the GitFlows, a lean way of working for distributed agile/scrum teams on development activities. There are many approaches to try out GitFlows but the highly recommended approach is Feature-based Branching, acceptable practice in Feature Crews.

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Check out Snikt! This brand new micro-ORM code is free for commercial and non-commercial deployments and distribution. Snikt! is a sequel to #ClassicDALHelpers project.

You can download the #NuGet package from here.

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Do we need another wheel again? article explains how to implement a tab control with horizontal tabs, and vertical tabs, converting it to an accordion and then a horizontal and vertical menus. See the code samples on

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Why software STILL sucks?


04. November 2012

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It’s uncommon to find a lull moment for a scrum team, so, many try to get busy, occupying them leisurely. This article demonstrates DOs and DON’Ts during a lull in a sprint.

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Daily Scrum at Microsoft

See how they do the daily stand up meeting


31. October 2012

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Distributed scrum teams always have challenges since they are physically departed into different building, cities, regions, and even countries miles away. This blog post explains why it is important to bring them back together and how we developers can do it as a team.

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(…) it is not a sin to copy some code snippets from StackOverflow, Github, Gist, or from a blog post, tweak a bit, and ship it to production. - @kosalanuwan

This blog post talks about how the social networks have changed the software engineering world in a way that we developers will not survive without it.

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